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Water Softener Systems

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Water Softener Filtration Systems – Nashville, TN


Hard water has salts that reduce the lifespan of water-using appliances. If you are looking to save money on soaps and detergent, you will need to soften your water using a whole house water filtration system. We specialize in installation and maintenance of home water filtrations systems and have become avid proponents for these modern water filters and their benefits. 

Soft water filtration systems soften water by removing the minerals calcium and magnesium. The process involves the exchange of hard salts for soft salts such as sodium or potassium. The system works by soaking resin in a water/salt brine. The end result is much better for your entire plumbing system, improving the life of your hot water heater, kitchen appliances, and bathroom plumbing fixtures. 

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Water Softener Filters

There are many brands and models for home water softening systems to choose from. To help you choose the best water softener system here are a few questions you will first want to ask:


  • What are the differences among the water softener systems available on the market?
  • How to decide on the best water softener for my current plumbing installation?
  • What kind of water softener do you need, salt or salt-free?
  • Who will install the water softener system for you?

Water Softener Benefits 

Soft water has plenty of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your home appliances
  • Save on soap, laundry, and dishwashing products
  • Soft water makes your hair and skin look and feel healthier.
  • Faster water heating

Hard water dries your hair and skin out, slowly clogs your plumbing system, and deteriorates appliances. Check more benefits for water softening here.

Benefits of the salt-free system

  • Uses less energy
  • Saves water
  • They need little maintenance and treatment on the system.

Water conditioner has the right returns on investment, it is a fix it and forget it solution. Adding a scale control device on your water pipes will reduce pipes and fixtures.

What is a water conditioner?

Salt-free water conditioners are best for water softening and purification. They are an alternative to potassium or sodium based water softening.

Water softener and conditioner address water hardness. Water conditioning only removes calcium through various systems. Sodium free water softeners use much more energy and can potentially waste water through back-flushing.

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What is water hardness?

Water over 7 grains of dissolved minerals per gallon is hard. Hard water has an average water over 20+ grains in dissolved minerals per gallon. According to the USGS, Nashville, TN has moderately hard waters with a concentration of hardness as calcium carbonate around sixty milligrams per liter. This is enough to cause a quicker plumbing deterioration and calcium buildup.

Installation of a water softener system improves user’s lifestyle and increases property value. All your plumbing fittings and fixtures will last longer.

How do water softeners work?

Magnesium and calcium cause clogs and corrosion that reduces the lifespan of water pipes. Water softener eliminates hard water scales inside the pipe systems and appliances.

Softer water removes the “soap scum” residue when cleaning with hard water.

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Water softeners cost

Now many salespeople will tell you their softener is better because it flashes and beeps, truth is those are just bells and whistles. When looking for a softener the TYPE of water you have, PRICE and SIZING are the most important. I have seen a way too many times when bad salespeople will undersize someone’s softener, and it never works right. If you have well water you need to know EVERYTHING that is in your water; you can have bacteria in your water which will foul up your resin, bad news! Not cheap to replace

Water softeners cost between $1000 and $5,000. The cost should not deter you as the system will triple the life of your home appliances lasting 15 to 20 years.

What to know before buying a water softener system?

To install a water softener, you will need to hire a water conditioning or softening expert, and that’s us! As a preferred Nashville plumbing company, we take great pride in our work and customer relationship. If you are not happy with your installation for any reason, please give us a call and we’ll come out at no cost to correct the issue? We’ve done the necessary research on the best products that various companies are offering. For more in depth information check the different methods available for water softening.

Contact the state Water Quality Association for information about hard water in your areas.