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While many Nashville, TN area homeowners are turning to newer tankless water heater models over more traditional systems with tanks, it can be hard to find professional installation and repair service options. Many plumbing contractors don’t have the experience needed to properly repair or install your tankless water heating system. Additional plumbing is not usually necessary however when it is, you want to have a trusted plumber on board with your investment. 

For the best in local tankless heater installation and repair options, Star Plumbing has everything that you need. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to a new unit or need maintenance repairs, you won’t find a better team for this service.

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What are Tankless Water Heaters?

Whereas traditional storage tank water heating systems rely on large, bulky, and inefficient metal tanks, tankless water heaters are far more efficient in both their size and the way that they operate. Traditional tank systems fill up with cold water and utilize large copper coils to keep it warm. Unfortunately, this means expending more power to keep the water heated to produce hot water when you turn on your taps.

Tankless water heater systems, on the other hand, utilize a smaller heating apparatus, heating water only when you need it. This not only warms your water faster by focusing on smaller amounts of it, but it also saves more energy by preventing the need to keep an entire tank warmed throughout the day. Hence the saying, “On-demand water heater”.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Better?

Most homeowners enjoy the benefits of their tankless systems. Where a traditional tank system may retain 50 gallons at a time, this is an inefficient way to keep water warm. Think about having to keep 50 gallons of water heated 24 hours a day. It uses more energy than you realize. Tankless water systems, on the other hand, only heats water as you demand, when you need it. Better yet, you won’t have to spend more every month as the unit heats smaller amounts of water. While initially, the cost may be higher, you’ll enjoy more monthly savings through higher energy efficiency and also the extra space that opens up after removing the large 50-gallon tank.

Tankless water heater systems don’t rely on specialized electrical fittings either. Whether your home utilizes gas or electric systems, your tankless water heater can use either. By remaining accessible no matter what your home needs, more homeowners can benefit from the added value that tankless water heater systems provide.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Services

We understand that your time is valuable, and when you need your new tankless heater installed, you need a team that can offer fast, convenient, reliable plumbing service. That’s why no matter where in the greater Nashville areas you may live, our team provides a superior installation each and every time.

We install most major makes and models, giving you the perfect fit for your home no matter what your needs or budget may be. When you call us, we’ll give you the most detailed installation possible, typically being able to give you your new system in three hours or fewer.

Our Process

What makes our company the best choice for your brand new tankless water heater installation is how efficient we’re able to operate. We begin by draining and removing your old heavy tank water heater. This is a step many plumbing professionals rush through, causing a lot of mess and puddles of water. However, we always remove your storage tank by taking preventative measures, preventing leaks, burst pipes, or water damage. By the time we’re done, you’ll never even know that that old tank system was even there in the first place.

Next, we begin installing the new system that you’ve chosen, carefully hooking it up to your home’s electrical system or gas system. We inspect each component, ensuring that there are no gas leaks or weak, stripped wires being utilized in the process.

Your home’s safety is our top concern, and although water heater installations are a safe service, we take the extra precautions to make sure your home stays protected from any installation missteps. When you hire us, you’re getting a family company that cares, providing a better quality installation over any other local plumbing contractor. When you need the peace of mind that your tankless system is being installed correctly, you won’t find a better team of experienced plumbers than our team here in Nashville, TN.

The Convenience of Tankless Water Heaters

One of the best features of tankless water heater units is how versatile they can truly be. More models of tankless water heaters can be powered by common home electrical hook ups. And unlike traditional storage tank water heaters that take up a lot of space and have to be installed in certain areas, tankless water heaters can be mounted almost anywhere.

Traditional systems require mounting in either the home’s garage or a dedicated utility closet. This removes usable living space, taking up square footage that could be used in a better capacity. Tankless heaters, on the other hand, can go almost anywhere. No matter where you prefer your new unit to stay, we can find a solution for you. When you call us to put in your new water heater, we can find a unit that is best suited for your property, including:

  • Garages
  • Service Closets
  • Office/Bedroom Areas
  • Outdoors/Exterior Home Walls
  • Patio Areas
  • And more.

Because these type of heaters are both tinier and slimmer, your new unit can fit almost anywhere. Don’t allow your home to lose out on interior space; enable us to find the perfect fit for your home.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs – Nashville Plumbing

Because tankless water heater systems are still relatively new, it may be difficult to find a plumbing contractor who knows how to repair them the right way. Even if your discount plumbing company may offer new tankless system installations, they may not know how to repair them and guide you through proper maintenance for optimal performance.

Unfortunately, even the best installation will need maintenance services at some point. When that happens, you need a plumbing repair service that you can depend on each time. Unlike many other plumbers in Nashville, we have the experience required to give you the repair service that you need. You’ll get faster, better service every time and the quality that you deserve.

Can All Homes Benefit From Tankless Water Heaters?

While most homes can utilize a tankless water heater, there may be exceptions. That is why before any work begins, our team is more than happy to provide an initial consultation. Some homes, especially those that are in historic buildings, may not be able to use tankless systems.

While tankless water heaters can use propane, gas, natural gas, or electrical home systems, they may not have the hookups necessary to use tankless systems to their full potential. Our team has the experience you can rely on to help you make a better-informed decision as to whether tankless water heaters are best for you, or a traditional storage tank water heater is.

Unlike other plumbing companies, we aren’t interested in just making a quick buck. If a tankless system isn’t right for you, we’ll tell you upfront. We can still find an affordable water heater that saves you money on your monthly utilities and heats your water better than ever before.

If you’re ready for your best tankless water heater service, then just call Star Plumbing. Have a professional consultation and your best installation!

Picture of a new tankless water heater installation in a residential basement.